New song 6

A new song bubbled up today. It is called Glue, and I have no lyrics. It’s just a weird little song; when I started trying to write lyrics I started weeping. So I stopped and did something else. I came back to it just before bed. It’s a very neo-Indie song and so I’m going to have to make the lyrics meltingly sincere on one level and either hilarious or horrific on another. Not hard to think of suitable commentary on that subject. The subject being how much in need of the right kind of glue we all are at the moment.

The Heritage Grill burned down. If you want to see all my posts that mention it search on Heritage Grill. I don’t know what else to say. Eating wings on the patio with Mr. Keary. Eating there with lots of people I love at different times.

I’m sad about it. Good people are out a lot of money and good people are out of jobs.

Life’s short and a function space with many fond memories just burned down. Poets and singers and philosophers have lost a place to meet where they can drink and hear themselves.

What a fucking loss.

And compared to the losses of the pandemic it’s really nothing.


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