A little flicker feather in my cap

20% kudo to hit ratio on my latest fic, that’s outrageous, either that or I’m benefiting unduly from filling a need for the fans…. the amount of fanfic has died back since the show ended. I’m 1100 words into the next one, which is a slaunchwise take on Groundhog Day. There are a couple of people reading one of my fics per day and then issuing kudos… they’re going through about 200K of fic lol so I’m keeping somebunny busy.

Completely congested and my rib sprung again when I woke up this morning, but Jeff and I are both coughing considerable less. Got some paperwork and banking done yesterday.

Somebody on Digg posted video of people dancing in the 80’s ‘everybody looks so happy’ and I’m thinking buddy did you KNOW how much COCAINE there was in clubs in the 80’s? of course people looked happy.

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