Suzanne cleaned, and the house is cleaner. Obviously since it took a decade to get into this state it’ll be a while getting out of it, but it’s lovely to have a completely clean upstairs bathroom, and she’ll do the downstairs bathroom next time. Thank you Suzanne! Yes I paid her, because it’s work.

Side effects are diminishing in intensity. I do feel somewhat more alert, which I don’t think was intended, and the nausea is dropping down to acceptable levels.

We did a shop this morning. Weird not to buy a ton of treats. No more whole milk, now at 2%, and I got two percent cottage cheese, too. Had chicken breast and salad for lunch and ate Holy Crap! for breakfast, so I’m at least trying to be reasonable about my food.

Got called by a telephone poll autodialler today, listened just long enough to hang up again.

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