Drug interactions

I hate my ADD meds. I’d adjusted to everything else but it doesn’t seem to do anything except make my heart rate 20 bpm faster than normal, my head hurt and it hard to eat anything but yummy carbs …. without giving me any cognitive boost. I’m stopping, it just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

I keep trying to make biscotti for Peggy (Tom apparently can’t eat them) and I just can’t. I’ve learned that if I’m not baking them with love in my heart they don’t turn out properly, at least not to my standards, and I am really struggling with how I said I would do it and now I’m standing around like a fool waiting for a message of some sort or other.

The bright spot (apart from Jeff, the kids the parental units etc) is that I’m seeing Mike today; he and I are finally both well enough at the same time to get together. I can hardly wait to see what diabetes friendly delights he plans on whomping up for me. Last time I didn’t take any of my usual gear, but I’m definitely taking the laptop and the uke this time. I intend to play, “The Friend Who Gave Me This Ukelele” for him, I’ve been practicing.


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