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For the peoples, lands and waters; I give thanks to be in MST country, may I be a good guest and visitor.

Just knowing that the picture exists….

My last post was very inspirational to me. I considered, for a moment, that I would be allowed to go to a peeler bar, a noted local establishment catering the devotees of ecdysiasts, were I accoutred with this ! As a person who is easily inspired (even more easily downcast, sadly) I was pleased to be inspired to download my vaccination certificate.

Just imagine- that what inspired me to do it was NOT my mOm telling me about her recent acquisition of same, and pOp’s, along with much waggery about how she did not want to go to any such establishment which was now, by all accounts, slavering over her custom now that ‘the pandemic is over’ which just sounds like a complete failure of the 5th estate to me. In her view and mine there’s nothing in those places she could want that would be worth not understanding her husband’s conversation! and along with that princely bargain getting a chance to swap respiratory particles, fomites and the dog shit other people have walked through with every other overexcited stranger in the joint. Gee thanks says mOm but no, and even if the prospect of being surrounded by raucous strangers doesn’t appeal, there’s the whole yelling at the servers thing and what’s with how hard they make it to pee, anyhow. So my mOm tried to lead by example but only the thrill of once again being able to attend a peeler bar made it possible for me to ACT.

It seems clear to me, not to anyone else, that sometimes the BC government is my un-indicted co-conspirator and sometimes it’s selling my data to shadowy hypertoxic arms of the Chinese Army and sometimes I want to protest the RCMP but mostly I just want to disband them from the comfort of my own home, an idea that any serving member of the RCMP would find: one of a) boring b) asinine, given the positive impact of the RCMP on the course of my life c) aggravating d) indicative that I need to die. You can’t expect the critter you need to stop drawing your blood to enjoy your attempts to unfasten them.

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Born when atmospheric carbon was 316 PPM. Settled on MST country since 1997. Parent, grandparent.

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