Plum shortcake in 20 minutes

Dang those are nice plums.

Crows demanded food this morning, so I put out some almonds and closed the blind on the kitchen window so they can’t see me as I walk back and forth cooking.

Started a letter to my folks.

I’m a couple of hundred more words into ‘the Haunted Sideboard’. By the end of it it’s going to be a grand festival of community burning of cursed items, big kumbaya energy, plus romance.

Spoke to Mike. He’s a week into being off nicotine (he said he was lying awake at night listening to his lungs rattle and it was either quit vaping or die) and absolutely wild with rage at absolutely everything, plus, work is so gross that it’s honestly worse than quitting a major body fuck drug like nicotine. My coughing, after a day of being calm, has taken off again, so no Mike tomorrow simply because I don’t wish this on anyone SORRY JEFF.

Jeff has pronounced the Plum shortcake to be edible.


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