Sneezing quite a bit this morning, but I like sneezing. Not so much when my rib still hurts but there’s a little less of that each day, and less coughing. Sound night of sleep but I got up a little early. Nice cuppa, very praiseworthy training session with Buster, ran a load of laundry, started working on a story, handwritten. It’s only ten paras long about a cursed object, and I’m having so much fun with it.

I started thinking about how an entire generation of furniture is going to end up on the biggest junk heap in history, and to wonder how many of those objects would be cursed. Then because I’m autistic and have no imagination I cast around for the most likely cursed object in my house so I’d have something to describe, and I did describe it, and it’s funny, so I’m glad I got up today.

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