There has been dreadful news in the family

But I will not speak of it here. Those who should know already and those who do not know will learn from the right people first.

I had the most lovely and wonderful time with Tammy, we had a great (if physically challenging for both of us) time at the LGBTQ2S Vancouver walking tour. So much I knew and so much MORE I did not know, it was great for mind body and soul. So many names I have to look up now!

Then we got the cutest waiter I’ve ever seen in my life (he was cute with a mask on cute) at Mary’s on Davie where I regarded Tammy’s Moscow Mule with bilious fury (alcohol and my cabasa full of pills no longer on speaking terms) which resolved into happiness as I got two enormous pots of tea, and then a steak, PERFECTLY cooked veggies, and frites, which I brought home to Jeff, parted in front of the pedicure joint, and then I walked all the frickin way back to Granville station although I stopped at a cannabis joint and FINALLY reupped on CBD gummies, it was driving me crazy not having pain relief that didn’t make me high.

I spoke to Katie, and Dave, and my mOm, because after the news I needed friendly voices.

I cooked lean ground pork with cumin, garlic and cayenne (and a bit of salt, I can’t lie) and had it over green salad.

Now I’ve taken my last pill of the day and I bid you all a good night in which I hope you have the chance to snuggle with someone wonderful. Tonight, apart from the 100 trillion microbes I’m hosting at any given moment, I am sleeping alone.

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