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A lovely woman named Tania, stepmom to a  plus sized 16 year old, just came to my door to fetch all my halloween costumes and cosplay stuff. It made a big bag and I hope the girl has a great time with it all.

an updated version of the craigslist FREE SHIT  ad:

I’m old and I’m dejunking. I’ll never wear this stuff again and I want a younger plus sized woman to have these and my family and friends aren’t very halloweenie. Please email me back and tell me why you want these awesome costume components between now and 8 pm Sunday the 10th October, and you may be the proud new owner of:

Blood red lab coat (originally men’s sizing I believe, it’s chonky)

a ‘peaceful villager’ costume from Stargate Atlantis picked up when the costume house on Boundary closed (unfortunately the tag fell off so I can’t prove it)

Pigskin suede pants, zipper closing, lined (these are worn and likely need drycleaning, size 16)

a Victorian style long beige skirt with elastic waist made by a local costumer, some wear

a dark green underbust corset with green ribbons made by a local costumer

brightly coloured pantyhose including tie dye

2 leis

a jingly scarf for belly dancing

a black and silver belt

BONUS HELLO KITTY BAG – how she will squeal when she sees it.

2 forearm cuffs in dark brown figured leather with red ribbons

an 18th century style men’s costume house jacket in red and black, very suitable for vampire costuming

a very sparkly MC/toastmistress style jacket in black velvet

Black mask

black lace fan

dark blue knee length hooded wool cloak with ribbon closure, made by a BC costumer, absolutely gorgeous but… moth holes. Patch or embroidery mending with flowers would be cute. People get the hell out of your way when you wear this.

special non clothing bonus – 3 sheets of Buffy the Vampire Slayer character stickers from 2003, postage stamp size

I’m 200 pounds and all of this fits me except the pants. No picking and choosing, take it all please. I don’t have a cell phone or a camera at the moment so sorry there’s no pics. Pick up at my place or I can drop it off if you’re close to Edmonds. Be creative with your response — I will enjoy it! Broke ass cosplayers represent!


and now it’s gone


And I have fulfilled my “bag or box a week outta my house to better digs” tickbox.

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