Missing women

I honour and mourn for all the Indigenous women and girls taken and murdered.

I long for justice and for the hearts and minds of the police – who are not seriously investigating these murders – to be cleansed of racism and bigotry.

I hope for healing and strength for the survivors.

I acknowledge my role in dismantling and eradicating power structures of violence and colonization.

I uphold Indigenous joy and rage, not just their oppressors’ narrative of sorrow, and the lands and living cultures Indigenous peoples embody.


Jeffrey and Jeri Lynn are visiting from Seattle to see Tom.

I am glad they’re here in town but the circumstances are hard.

Let us love each other while we can.

Spoke to Mike yesterday. Strangely he and I both had a horrible night’s sleep, night before last. Last night was much better. Even so my mood is somewhere between spiky and sad. Perhaps coffee? We actually purchased ground coffee so maybe that’s what I can do to lift the mood.