truncated day

After spending about three hours girding myself up mentally I got myself out the door to see Tom this am. He is thin as a rail and not greatly responsive. I have had my last exchange of words with him unless I am unduly fortunate.

The last thing he did for me was leave food on my porch.

Jeffrey C from Seattle came up to see him. There were already three rellies in Tom’s room when I arrived so I departed after giving him a very hearty and very sincere hug.

I was going to go to Brown’s after but I saw that there were taxis at the stand and said fck it I’m for home. We watched some TV and I ordered fish&chips from Cockney Kings.

Leaving the house is not psychologically easy.

Someone answered my ad for a cultural competence read and while they are a super awesome creative human being with great taste they are alas not what I’m looking for but he gave me some leads which was awesome.

Fantastic night of sleep

I slept almost 10 hours, which is fantastic.

Today the weather has turned cold and wet again, after a glorious day full of sunshine. Paul and I walked the Foreshore again yesterday, and while there were no interesting birds we heard a raven call repeatedly and the trails were almost deserted, which was pleasant.

I managed to squeeze out about four words on a fanfic about a brewpub owner who’s all butthurt about a review by a noted food critic. I find fanfics are a lot easier to write if you get how people make a living squared away first. I’ve only ever worked on one where everyone involved is in the film business and I absolutely love it ….and then story problemed my way into a big mess which I’m going to have to fix at some point before I can write an additional 10k and finish it, but I don’t have the energy. Now to talk myself into a trek down to the hospital to visit Tom. And also eat, I’m not particularly hungry.

Spoke to Katie on the phone and heard Alex in the background. All are well. Katie is still planning a homebirth. Jeff is off to the dentist… the day is begun.