Slept most of the day

The atmospheric river pouring down on our heads is quite something. The weather warning expires just after dawn.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on with me, I’ve been feeling quite sluggish. I’d better get my shit together or I won’t be hosting any grandbabies next weekend. It’s possible I’ve picked up another small cold.

Much thanks for Jeff getting pizza last night.

I’ve learned that a friend’s cancer has recurred and my thoughts go out to them very often. They aren’t likely to die of it but it’s still nervewracking for them, and treatment will leave them immunosuppressed during a pandemic.

I am currently planning to get a flu shot sometime in the next little while.

(about an hour later)
The weather is severe enough for a warning, and Jeff got an advisory of his own this morning when he found something that looked like a small piece of poop on his mouse pad —— and it was a SLUG which Buster had transferred from his fur to Jeff’s mouse pad. As a sign for how dreffle wet it is out there it’s quite amusing. Jeff, beaming, displayed it to me and then released it back into the Stygian tempest from which it emerged.

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