a glorious day yesterday

I went walking with Paul at Fraser Foreshore and a bush tit and a chickadee ate sunflower seeds from my hand. Hullo leedle birdies. Sun blasting down but icy af in a few spots, no falling for us.

MIKE CAME OVER it was brief but it was lovely. While he was here I made banana bread, which is a story in itself, and he bought a Delica 2800 Japanese right hand drive vehicle and showed it off to us. Anyway, I sent him off with banana bread for his coffee this morning and that makes me feel happy thinking about it.

PEGGY turned up with MINCE PIES and TARTS and ENOUGH EGGS that I could make the banana bread. Because I didn’t want to leave the house. So I MANIFESTED EGGS. I said to Jeff who needs magic I have Peggy. DAMN HER PIE CRUST IS SO FUCKING AWESOME (muppet falls face down into food, everything everywhere). She reports taking some to Paul.

This morning I have run the dishwasher and had a breakfast of leftover pancakes and tea. Later this afternoon we’re going to pick up our first ever pickup grocery order.

I booked my booster THE INSTANT I got the email, and now of course everything in BC is going off the rails so Jeff can’t find anything closer than the Italian Cultural Centre (You remember mOm, that’s the place Theo ripped all the tiles off the roof in my novel…) well into January.

I’m buying handyman services for Katie’s household, I hate that railing on the back stair so I’ve contracted someone to fix it for them. The idea of Paul coming a over t down those stairs has very little appeal.

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