Buster interaction

I think Buster is almost ready for OAC speech buttons on the floor. I had the following postural conversation with him today:

Hey  Buster, would you like skritches (this is specifically when I take a fork to his face. Yes, I know this sounds outrageous, but he loves it.)

I offer him a choice of forks – plastic or wood. He chooses plastic.

Since he’s sitting in my chair (my half of the LaZboy we picked up at a neighbours’ house) I just barely touch the blanket (I usually pull it out from under him) and instead of it being a tussle (he usually calls and is very reluctant to move and must be coaxed) he steps out of the way, I sit down, and give him a nice long skritch with a fork. Practically took longer to describe than to happen.

I love being able to communicate with Buster. He’s an admirable cat.

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