quiet Christmas

Apart from making steak and eggs for breakfast and mac and two cheeses for elevenses and two buttered rum toddies (a strong one for me, a weak one for Jeff) and shovelling the walkways, I had a very lazy day. My unputaway laundry is glaring at me, and the drawers I have to empty out to accommodate its spread is glaring as well, and two more loads at least await.

It amazes me how fast (now that I’ve learned to stay hydrated, pushing fluids all day until 6 pm whether I feel thirst or not) that I get DEhydrated; I didn’t get up and drink tea yesterday first thing, and in fact had nothing to drink until midmorning, and then spent the rest of the day trying to catch up. What they say in the health articles about not feeling thirst as much as you get older is totally true. I don’t know if Jeff has to remind himself to drink something but I sure do. My problem is that I want to drink tea all day and a) bumping caffeine all day is not healthy and b) it irritates me pipes.

I know things aren’t really much better but I feel much better. And because I’m feeling better, I’m trying to spend some time each day trying to process sadness about Tom and Ville. Two such different circumstances, and so tragic in their own way. I have names to put to two of the biggest public health related tragedies in BC history and the idea that their deaths are enmeshed in this greater social history is making me thoughtful. To me their deaths are tragedies and not statistics, but in the end they’ll just be statistics, and that makes me feel a little blank.

Today, Christmas movies (we didn’t watch them yesterday) and some yummy leftovers, and I’m thinking PUDDING RICE PUDDING but that means I have to make rice, LOL. Wonder what happens when I add butterscotch pudding to rice pudding, will it be a Frankentreat?

Laundry started, dishwasher running, kitchen counter tidied, coffee made and consumed; remembered to take mah meds, stole a picture of Jeff quietly working on Alex’s computer and now I have to find the cables to get it onto my computer gigglesnort. It’s only 6:30 and I’m well into my day.

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