BUSY DAY planned

Once again, woke at one. I have an endodontist appt at 8 am. Holy Crap cereal with greek yogurt for brekky (then I broke down and had some banana bread too). All washed down with lashings of Yorkshire Gold (thee best) tea.

I’ve got about an hour to put clean clothes away, and I’ll probably need all of it. (It’s now about half done, everything that goes on hangers is put away.)

Suzanne of the monstrum vacuum (monstrous vacuum, or empty monster, depending how you eyeball it) is here today. She is continuing to help with my room, which is tidier but still not squared away. Since all I’m doing with Denny’s desk is using it as a ‘junk bunker’ I’m perfectly happy for Alex to use it for his computer and it means that his darling mama doesn’t have to spend additional money, since Alex’s old desk disassembled during the move last January.  I’ll try to let him understand what the desk means in terms of family history. Hard to believe they’ve been in that place a year, hunh?

Buster does not like the vacuum, but he loves Suzanne and always comes to suck up to her after the vacuum stops.

Then after the endo I have to go to the pharmacy to check on something for me and Jeff.

I’m trying to think if I have any other errands I need to run in the middle of this “North Face” of an omicron variant wave. I sure hope not.



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