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I don’t know much but I know I think the F1 track at Jeddah is a total zoo, disaster, disgrace. There’s a goddamned star wars joke in there someplace. Anyway, Hamilton won again.

Two mornings straight of the thickest hoar frost I’ve ever seen on the roofs of the local houses. It’s snows an inch, inch and a half; I put out triple the normal amount of sunflower seeds.

I’m now eligible for the booster dose. I will get my flu vax at the same time. I need to pick up more meds today and go into the clinic to see the nurse. BP still worryingly high.

Didn’t call Mike and didn’t hear from him. Or the kids for that matter. I feel completely sunk down before the omicron variant and not wanting to leave the house again but here I am forced to run errands and whatnot. The science news about it is very disturbing, even though for people previously vaccinated it’s very unlikely to be deadly. But COVID is going to continue to chew away at human fitness it in its own way….

I am experimenting with yet another adhd assistant software… I am at least fed, dressed, toothbrushed, blogged and I wrote 818 words this morning on the airport fanfic.

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