sleep of the dead

These pics were selected by Alex.

Alex sleeps so hard it’s quite significant. I just got up, ran a load of laundry and wandered lonely as a large fuzzy hoodie through the house looking for my laptop, which of course I already brought downstairs to the guest room.

Last night Alex consumed his dinner, drew monsters, played Xenon pinball, brushed his teeth, played Burnout under Jeff’s watchful supervision on the xBox (it’s a game where you deliberately crash into things with your car), played the same video on his tablet until he crashed at which point I pulled his tablet out of his hand and stashed it somewhere safe.. When he was going between games he asked Jeff, “Are the mechanics the same?” and I almost fell off the spare sofa.

It’s to early to waken him so I’m listening to him making faint breathing noises. If I panicked because he was making no breath sounds at all and did a pulse check that’s just the gramma in me.

We got another 6-10 cm of the solid end of the water cycle and more apparently on the way. The videos of carnage and lack of snow removal on reddit vancouver are telling.

Melting grammas note:

he says Ryker is ‘a really good baby’.

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