a day

So much social interaction, my goodness!

Went to Katie’s to watch babby while she cleaned and changed lightbulbs.

Ryker was extremely baby-like and basically didn’t cry for five hours. He smiled at me like HOLY CRAP what a funny face you have, and he kept time when I sang the Monty Python theme. Do babies that young keep time? Apparently so. It felt unbelievably good to hold him, and I realized I was holding him to tell mOm about it afterwards. He’s MUCH stronger than when he was born. Remarkable what an Exceedingly Mellow Dude™ he is. We talked. Katie made spinach salad with soft goat cheese for lunch, DMAN it was good I had seconds. Suzanne came over and cleaned, and it was just lovely to talk to her (we’ll see her again on Thursday). (Paul went to his volunteer job.)

Keith drove me home and came by and hung out with Jeff, and he also did a bit of shopping for us so I have salad fixings again.

I have this really faint memory that I actually wrote a review of the Sparks show I saw in 1975 but finding it will be something.

Tea and toast

Woke up just after three after a restful sleep. Three kudos on my dashboard this morning. Always fun to see what people are reading. Another person has subscribed to my mailchimp account for UPSUN as well. In addition I logged into dreamwidth (the ‘replacement’ for live journal for people who don’t want all their data stolen by the Russians) because I really wanted to read something one of my filk buddies has posted and …. I hadn’t posted since 2018. uff dah. I posted. It was sad having to mention that Tom had died.

Worked on the fanfic a bit, not much. In the portion I just wrote one of the brothers is teasing the other about his new relationship and I very much enjoyed writing that because one of the great wellsprings of Supernatural fanfic is the abiding love (and shittalk) between the bros… it’s very easy to write the shittalk because they are constantly teasing each other (and would die for each other).

Still not experiencing hunger and thirst properly. It’s very strange to be forcing myself to eat, unless it’s something sweet.

The wind is gusting hard and it makes the plastic siding creak in an alarming way.

Ryker’s got a mucousy cold, poor wee tyke. Alex is a snot factory whether he has a cold or not. Just sayin’.

Had to shovel again; the lack of walkway salt was mitigated by the fact that it started raining and melting, so we didn’t get freezing rain. Lawks that was one big raccoon we got through the property night before last though, HUGE pawprints.

It’s very pleasant to no longer be required to run a heater all night in my room. It’s quite pleasant in the house now.

Well, I boiled water but I haven’t made tea, and the toast is still waiting for my work, so time for some foodicles and to start my day. FIRST TASK. Wrestling my weighted blanket back into its cover. This will literally take me half an hour as it’s like a USB cable. First you attach the WRONG zipper, and then you attach the RIGHT ONE, IN THE WRONG DIRECTION, and then omg maybe THIS will work. Heavy sigh. Still haven’t put all my clothes away.

This morning my twitter feed is full of: Trans people commenting (still) on Matrix Resurrections, including the best tweet sized appreciation of it I’ve seen so far; disabled people saying CAN YOU PLEASE STOP TRYING TO KILL US BY NOT WEARING MASKS AND SHITTY POLICY; Glenn Greenwald, may the great Parent of the Universe buy him a fucking clue, saying how twitter doesn’t have the right to eject people from its platform cause free speech, when it’s already been established that it really isn’t. He’s defending Marjorie, by the way. Candidly, clownbag is too kind for that man.

The Cincinnati Beagles won the division (over KC). We did not see that coming. It was a weird game with some patently ugly and bad calls. I mean, how many times is it possible to repeat 4th down?


i understand finding matrix 4’s lack of subtlety grating but i would never wanna use metaphors again either if the metaphorical allegory i wrote before got co-opted by far right patriarchal fascists whose whole thing is to eradicate my entire people



sleep of the dead

These pics were selected by Alex.

Alex sleeps so hard it’s quite significant. I just got up, ran a load of laundry and wandered lonely as a large fuzzy hoodie through the house looking for my laptop, which of course I already brought downstairs to the guest room.

Last night Alex consumed his dinner, drew monsters, played Xenon pinball, brushed his teeth, played Burnout under Jeff’s watchful supervision on the xBox (it’s a game where you deliberately crash into things with your car), played the same video on his tablet until he crashed at which point I pulled his tablet out of his hand and stashed it somewhere safe.. When he was going between games he asked Jeff, “Are the mechanics the same?” and I almost fell off the spare sofa.

It’s to early to waken him so I’m listening to him making faint breathing noises. If I panicked because he was making no breath sounds at all and did a pulse check that’s just the gramma in me.

We got another 6-10 cm of the solid end of the water cycle and more apparently on the way. The videos of carnage and lack of snow removal on reddit vancouver are telling.

Melting grammas note:

he says Ryker is ‘a really good baby’.

I have seen Ryker!

No pics, but I got to hold him and watch him eat and get changed (sort of the high points of his day anyway) and hear interesting things about how Ryker is a very different babby than Alex. He was eating well, and came into the house saying, “Murh!” which was interesting.

He’s a little sweetie, but his nights are still up and down…. he also seems to be having no difficulty going back and forth to his dad’s place, so he’s damned convenient in those terms. He’s not even having nipple confusion, so picture how happy I am that Katie doesn’t have to cope with that (like I did).

Anyway Katie says Paul and Keith are stepping up with respect to Alex, which is great, and they are very grateful that Ryker is a relatively quiet babby.

Baby Ryker

after 39 weeks of hellish pregnancy, it has all been resolved in the form of the 51 cm long Ryker Lee, who appeared in the way of nature at 3:16 this morning. Katie is choosing to keep the ‘pre name name’ and personally I’m thrilled off my ass that one of the grandsons has a fannish name.

He is eating well and was heading off to his birth sleep when Jeff (thank you) drove by and picked me up. Now we’re heading back downstairs to watch Time Team do something Roman and mosaic-y.

I’ll post pics eventually.

a few odds n sods

Yay! went for a walk in the Byrne creek parks yesterday with Mike.

Boo! nearly passed out from the effort of staggering up the hill back to his place.

Nets out as: No benches or places to sit, no walkies; do not leave house without cane. (I can’t FIND the one Mike bought me and I bought a new folding one.) I told Mike that if I had known I was going to be so out of gas I would not have suggested the walk, but we GOT OUT OF HIS APARTMENT.

Yay! got to watch the weird weather from the Aerie!

Boo! the fucking elevator was crapped out when I left yesterday!

Yay! I was well enough to walk down 13 flights of stairs!

BOOO my legs shook for half a fucking hour after I got home.

YAY! JEFF filled in the edges of the jigsaw puzzle I got last week while I was away (He needed things to do while BC Hydro turned the power off.) The rest of the puzzle will be even harder now but at least I have the edge.

YAY! I have ART for struggling Great Grandparents who have insufficiency of AMONG US FAN ART DRAWN BY A SEVEN YEAR OLD in their lives and on their fridge.


I have been looking for a substitute for Red Deer Lodge in my life and I thought I might have located one. It’s about 3 hours with the ferry to get there. Then I realized they only book through Airbnb and I said fuck it, I want to stay somewhere that isn’t ruining rental housing and messing up the economy.

I have learned that early in the new year there will be a proper bus from the Carvolth Station to Chilliwack, which means I don’t need to drive to the ‘wack to see Jarmo and Susana!


I think I’ve posted this meme about reincarnation before…. in a previous life perhaps??

Alex is coming tonight!

So I will be very exhausted tomorrow.  I have obtained additional children’s art supplies, cleaned myself and I’m thinking of baking cookies. Or maybe cheese scones. I think cheese scones.

and in late breaking news, I’m off to visit Mike tomorrow.

currently writing a fanfic in which a rejected potential mate moves in with the person who rejected him (for silly and complicated reasons that do not bear close examination). There is no such thing as consent in this part of the universe. An all male spa day features heavily.

Slept a good chunk of the day

I was quite tired after Alex left; normally if I wake up that early I’m back in bed after my first meds of the day (at six am) and I couldn’t nap until after he left at noon.

He left his Among Us stuffie here. It’s very cute. It is also very cute how much he likes that game. Which is apparently oriented to adults.

Mostly he talked about the games he loves.

We watched Free Guy (I took out the boring bits with the fast forward button) and he loved it (this was my third time through). He was bored with anything else I tried to show him.

Roundup of news I cannot use

Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized for tests on Wednesday. Some wag on twitter was exclaiming that she couldn’t possibly have it lined up to die on Remembrance Sunday. Personally I think she’ll at least make her mother’s advanced age, she drinks less than her mom Mary did.

The fucking TURNER DIARIES a horrific pile of racist trash about white supremacists attacking Washington, like that never happened, is carried by the venerable Powell’s Books hq’d in Portland. Now, candidly, I wouldn’t mind because I’m not keen on censorship, but the fucking REVIEW OF THE BOOK is stomach churning.

Because ALMOST FOR SURE Powells is going to get fucking roasted and take it down, I’ve copied it in jpg form.

To say that this is glossing over a) one of the worst novels ever written in English which b) shows the protagonists killing Black people like they were houseflies and c) CONTINUES TO INSPIRE GUNTOTING FASCIST SYMPS is putting it small. Read the Wikipedia article if you want to see what they’re window dressing for.


Canada FINALLY has a vaccine passport. I don’t mean to fly any more but I would like to see my friends in the US of A and this is a step forward.


Barometer so low I thought my head would explode yesterday. I couldn’t get anything done I was so distracted. Paul took me for a short walk but the kids on the school grounds were too plentiful, running on the path, and Paul needed the washroom so it was abbreviated.

solstice sound poem with Alex

This is not a song. I am only peripherally in it – at one point you can hear my phlegmy cough, sorry about that lol. This is so my mOm can hear her grandson’s voice babbling and laughing any time she wants. It’s two and a half minutes of sonic mayhem. it was the winter solstice….


visit from Alex

Jeff reports that during the visit Alex tried to get him to change the tv to Youtube and he got damned manipulative about it too. sigh

But we recorded things and added effects and laughed and laughed and recorded spooky stuff for Halloween. It’s not for sharing – it was just goofing around.


I live four blocks from him and see him reasonably often so you’d think that last half inch in height growth wouldn’t startle me so MUCH. It just makes him seem older than six. I can see people thinking he’s eight. He says he’s not the tallest kid in his class.

He asked for and received a cup of warm cocoa.

My bucket is fuller.