sadly no

The laundry despite my best wishes did not self assemble and haul itself upstairs but remained, grimly inanimate, over the entire surface of the furnace/laundry room. Sigh.

Jeff is making sleep noises after his Grand Evening Out. I await his probably later than usual rise to enquire about how everything went.

Lovely but brief convo with Dave last night.

The bear scares, fireworks, whistling shrieking dying noises went on for hours and hours. Poor Buster hid and stayed that way, and he’d already received a challenge from Ryker, who was here RUNNING NON STOP AND THROWING MY SHIT AROUND while Katie stuffed a contact lens into Alex’s eye, put on her sugar skull jewelled face gems and Alex got into his costume. It was absolutely exhausting and he was only here 45 minutes. It was all I could do to drag myself upright. I managed to get him to sit still for half a minute but other than that I was literally chasing him.

Suzanne appealed to me to come back to facebook so I did.

Made a pork and cabbage fry, it was so good I had thirds and there’s hardly any left in the fridge. Unusually for me I made a sauce to go with and that realllly improved things, must remember to make sauce for stir fry more often. Half a pork tenderloin, three slices of cabbage about a cm wide, chopped, rude amounts of garlic and ginger, carrot and baby peppers that Linda got for us. (We finished the honeydew, it really was exceptional). Added thai fish sauce, soy sauce, cornstarch and a bit of water, and all fried in safflower oil. Pepper to taste.

Wordle in three this morning. It was a good word considering the racket last night.

I can’t believe Katie managed to get the freaking contact in his eye. We’re such a weird family.

I believe this.


off to kiss the ring of the poobah of Dunnettry

Lunch with the head of the Dunnett society as arranged by Jan J. It will be a small but convivial gathering at an upscale chain restaurant downtown. Haven’t seen the folks in ages, should be fun.

I wanted to clean out the fridge but I didn’t want to bend. I got Alex to do it for me by telling him we were going to do a podcast of the clean out and how gross it was. We were hoping that poor Jeff would come back from the dentist and give us a hard time about the smell in the middle of it all but Alex WAS TOO EFFICIENT. That kid is somethin’ else, lemme tell ya.

Internet and power are completely gone in Gaza. The ground assault begins, and it can’t actually be considered anything except an extermination. A genocide.

Hundreds of Jews were carted off to jail in NYC yesterday for protesting.

Not pouting

Dave called me and asked me what I was pouting about and I COULDN’T REMEMBER so I said I’d stopped, since I had. Lovely phone call.

I am not particularly writing but I am stewing, cogitating, remarking and positing, so there you go.

The Israelis didn’t learn anything from the Holocaust, as seems currently evident.

The Russians are bringing EVEN OLDER vehicles to the fray, and they can’t even hit a train.

This morning I saw three different photos of three different sets of Orthodox American Jews protesting the war. (They all dress different.) I’ve been around a long time and I’ve never seen that before. They were specifically saying things like this is all on Netanyahu.

Weather has been unexpectedly glorious, so I think this is our sunny period in mid October which is standard for around here.

Katie hosted Rynn and Alex for a sleepover last night at where she’s living now – Dax’s place. Katie didn’t say anything – her expression was capacious – but I’ve met Rynn and I can only imagine what two lively 9 year old boys can get up to at least in terms of volume.

I ran the dishwasher yesterday, go me, and ate home made salad and store bought pecan pie for dinner last night. Other than that I don’t think I did much, except watch TV and noodle on the internet. Oh right, I dropped the car off and walked back. I won’t get it back until Monday so Jeff helped me pick up Alex yesterday.

COMPLETELY quit twitter yesterday. Friday the 13th is as good a day as any.

The Echo Paul loaned me hasn’t had any maintenance since we put the O2 sensor in after Tammy’s last visit here, and not much before that, and the bushings are shot, the heat shield for the exhaust is shot, and there’s a light burned out on the dash so that I wouldn’t know if the brakes were shot. SO YES it was about time. I’m driving my grandson around in that car and Keith wants to borrow it to take his dad to the States so he’s not putting wear and tear on his own car. Given that there’s a busted tail light (thanks ASSHOLE IN THE GUARDIAN DRUGS PARKING LOT) there’s no WAY they should drive down the I-5 into Seattle without repairs first. The f’n highway patrol loves nailing tourists for that shit.


Having a pout

I am pouting. I know what I’m going to do about it though, I’m going to concentrate on my own problems and give myself a break from anyone else’s.

Alex will be here shortly. I’ve laid out all my pills for a week, and started the dishwasher, and booked the Echo in for work today, and started drafting a list of the songs I’ll put into the Allegra Filk Büche.



qahveh save me

Qahveh being the original word for coffee, which I only know because of Dunnett. All the threads lead back to her. Of course I can’t get Dave to read l’œuvre but at this point if he ever did I’d have to own up to all the shit of hers that I outright thieved for various aspects of my own work, and how embarrassing would that be. Besides, he doesn’t read ‘light’ fiction as a general rule, although it was kind of him to read Totally Boned. Speaking of which Suzanne is finishing up Totally Boned yes. and yes there are Dunnett squeaks all through TB.

Suzanne is not having a good birthday week. She found out about two weeks ago that her youngest son’s gf was pregnant, but since nobody told S that she was VERY pregnant, the birth announcement this week was a bit of a surprise. Learning that you have a new grandson who’s detoxing in the NICU when you have zero access must be a horrifying experience. mOm asked me to send her a hug and a kind word and I will.

On the plus side, this week somebody sent the most good looking man you can imagine – to offer himself sexually to her – WHILE SHE WAS SITTING RYKER so after she unswallowed her tongue and ungoggled her eyes she said, er, no, and he wandered off to find the woman he’d been prepaid to bang. (This is the kind of stuff that only happens in novels so I’m going to steal the anecdote for a fanfic because he showed up in house slippers and a revealing outfit and said he was ‘auditioning for the bedroom’. I can see it all now, hommina hommina)

ALRIGHTY THEN. and at no point did Suzanne say anything othering about the sex worker. Damn I love that woman. I should get the rugs she washed out of the dryer. The washers in her building are crap and SUPER expensive so she’s ALSO been doing laundry here.

She said Ryker loves coming to Grammy’s house; he gets second breakfast, he has a million versions of Lightning McQueen, CARS runs hot and cold in the background, and there’s a cat to chase. WHAT COULD BE BETTER. He’s learned to say MCQUEEN and he apparently never stops.

I do not have Alex until Tuesday, but I’ll see him for a Thanksgiving meal. Apparently Peggy’s old friend is going to deep fry a couple of turkeys at church and I’m simply overwhelmed at the prospects for catastrophe why I may even bring a camera.

Putin claiming that Prigozhin died ’cause Wagner soldiers were providing in-flight entertainment by tossing live grenades is like an entire Russian army of MOODS.

WROTE almost a thousand words yesterday on an aziracrow fanfic that no one but me will ever look at. Nobody asked for it and it’s fundamentally flawed but I wrote it anyway. The new Brad and Omar story has a shape and I will slowly pursue it.

Laid out my pills for a week just now.

Whatever shall I do with no childcare required of me until Tuesday morning??

Congrats to Leo and Linda on getting the last kid married off (Kevin, and of course I have embarrassing memories from his last visit to us LOL which I will NOT share) and this is all teasing because of course they didn’t do anything but help celebrate!!! it’s not like they hosed’em down and pitchforked ’em to the ceremony…. anyway it’s happy family news and the pics were lovely thank you.

Alex birthday tomorrow

He will be nine. I love telling my mOm that her oldest great grandchild is nine.

I will be getting him Huggy Wuggy Merch. He takes an adult small now, zow. I told him it wouldn’t be right on his birthday.

I am communicating with my first ever boyfriend on facebook. The communications consist of:

Snarky posts

Liking the snarky posts

Sad posts about rock stars we used to love dying

Liking the sad posts

Duelling videos – I post one, he posts a chaser.

Cat pics

Dog pics

Capybara pics

Liking each other’s travel photos.


I am very happy about this. We’re exactly as friendly as I want to be, and we’ve probably cheered each other up many times with all the goofiness. I posted a video of an Amish guy in a trap doing chewies in a dirt parking lot, horse style …… he liked it, but JeriLynn felt sorry for the horse…. obviously I’m a terrible human being!

Suzanne will be here today

Jeff’s helping her with her taxes and they’re being jerks to her so she may be here a bit early. THEN THE ENSHINENENING!!!!!

Alex is in a phase of his haircut/dye job where he looks incredibly well groomed and that’s GOOD because it was picture day yesterday at school. I wait for him half a block from the school to avoid the worst of the jammed up part and I can see him all the way down the block and it just makes me happy.

I’m going to have the last of my pad thai for brekky. SO TASTY.

I HAVE LEARNED YOU CAN HANDWRITE A CHINESE CHARACTER INTO GOOGLE TRANSLATE AND I’M THRILLED. This is how I could tell that the translation of something on a website was off!!!


funnies with Alex

Alex just showed me a series of some of his fave youtube videos and there were a couple where the two of us just folded up laughing. (About Chinese knockoffs of well known fandoms and toys… the names ARE PURE FIRE.)

Superlative meal from Rice and Noodles last night. Thank you Jeff

Did something heinous this morning, critiqued someone’s spelling on AO3. If you can’t stand the typos, spellcheck in English for the love of Crowley’s quiff.

BUT IT WAS IN THE FIRST LINE OF THE STORY… I’m actually doing them a favour.

or not. Maybe I’ll get roasted. At least I had the fucking sense not to do it under my own name.

Keana Reeves is dating a wonderful age appropriate woman and I just want them to be happy and never inconvenienced by paparazzi.

Anya Taylor-Joy wore a blush princess gown embroidered with a hummingbird, and her husband took her last name. YES. In a Dunnett squeak, *she could play Gelis van Borselen* (or Katelijne Sersanders god help us) and *this is bride Anya standing on a 15th C Balcony in Venice.* Of course there’s only one person reading this blog who cares about any of this and it ain’t my mOm.

but just in case mOm is annoyed with me for the celebri-fluff, here’s a knitted pillbug from a deeper blue on tumblr:


Peaceful morning

Buster came out, butted Alex’s shin with his head, and in general greeted him. It was a scattershot day yesterday but in general it worked out okay.

I’d love to do a complete teardown on how I get Alex to and from school BUT OF COURSE this is the internet and I do not want to give total strangers access to how I move an 8 year old around.  He will be 9 in less than two weeks. Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow.


So many snacks.

Cheese, fruit, yogurt drinks, cookies. A panoply of snackertude.

Now to run the dishwasher so there are plates to serve them on lol.

Writing is on the back burner. I have a con to rehearse for!! I only have 45 more days!! That’s right, November 10-12th I will be at the fully masked con Orycon 43 in Portland! It’s a gencon not a filkcon but there are LOTS of filkers in Portland. So looking forward to it!

In the market for singing masks now.

Emotionally charged

Yeah, it was a day of emotionally charged phone calls. May it all be well. It was a relief candidly to talk to Dave D on the phone and just be shooting the shit about commonplaces.

Alex was here and we recorded (I managed to record me farting and Alex’s subsequent howl of outrage was so funny I put it all on loop and then the two of us nearly died laughing.) We never did manage to get down the road to Paul’s.

Lovely night of sleep, I have my mug of tea  and a light repast and my marching orders for the day (call landlord about the dryer again) and Alex’s calendar for next week (early dismissal on Wednesday!)


533 words on Yaks are Not Admitted Past This Point

Jeff will be home sometime this afternoon.



regular day

Did a little shop with Alex after school to get some SCHNAX into the house.

Brief aside. For the CHEESE TAX.

I am awake far too early. Miss Jeff. Forgot to lock the cat door yesterday and haven’t seen Buster since supper, I’ll update once he’s up / home. Started rewatching Good Omens S1 because I’m a dolt.

Apparently there were immense streamers of northern lights across the north shore mountains last night.

mOm’s given me her marching orders with respect to the next Brad and Omar story, which will have YAKS. I will take some time to ruminate and then start writing again.

Next order of biz coffee.


finnegan beginegan

Because I am a complete compulsive graphomanic fool, I have commenced working on additional Brad and Omar stories. They will be assembled into my next book, which will be 10 or 12, 3000-12000 word stories continuing on in the Brad and Omar universe. (Dave already teased me that I might do this so yes you guessed right congrats sir!) This project is called “Matching Shorts: A Brad & Omar Collection”. It will cover the first couple of years after the events in Guyana.

I get Alex again this week. It’s such a privilege. It’s possible Jeff will be off to Victoria at some point soon to provide some assistance to mOm and pOp.



Good morning!

Alex was let in by Grunkle Jeff this am, I was so TIRED from getting up at midnight and then NOT being able to fall back asleep so that was embarrassing, kid standing on the stoop wondering where the hell I am.

We played on the Kaossilator and on various musical instruments this morning so I’m not just playing on my computer and sitting next to him all the time I’ll have you know!

Spoke to Keith, he saw Paul yesterday and things are not cool on the phone front but we knew that.

Leo was 80 this week. Congratulations, revered family elder!

1422 words yesterday. Only 150 so far.

Laundry from yesterday is folded and put away.

Saw Suzanne briefly yesterday for tax and computer stuff with Jeff, it was lovely to see her and she recounted cleaning Keith and Ben’s apartment for the first time and that was definitely funny and not repeatable.

I end this with a heartfelt wish for the early amelioration of the conditions of my pOp and Ontie Mary.


Learning how

Jeff played turn and turn about with Alex (Burnout Revenge – crash cars for points and lulz)

Now we learn that Alex is going to school with his dad and I pick him up at 3.

This works well for my day.

Ryker yelled my name (from behind his soother) at pick up that was adorable.

Anecdotal but blowout public diarrhea is a feature of the current COVID variant.