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Snowed about three cm last night. The world is blanketed and quiet, like it should be at 4 in the morning. I will shovel, Jeff will salt.

It’s five in the morning and I can hear a snowplow. At least Burnaby HAS snowplows.

Madison Cawthorn, a recently minted US Representative, who announced to a bug eyed world that women are EARTHEN VESSELS as far as MAKKING BABBIES and GOD is concerned, is getting a divorce after 8 FUCKING MONTHS.  FUCKING CHRISTIANS AND THEIR ETERNAL MARRIAGES AMIRIGHT??? His wife appears like a Fox news twirlybird with an instagram full of 2 hours of makeup and exercise with every photo, and he is a narcissistic misogynistic shitheel/freeform bag of dicks. Anyway the schadenfreude on twitter yesterday was balm for my wounded soul.

Kitchen floor is a glorious symphony of cleanliness, what with the floor swept and the rugs washed. It won’t last, Buster will scoot across one of the rugs within the next couple of hours, but it did exist, however briefly.

All of my clean clothes are put away or on hangars, but I still need to rearrange some things and put more books away and … like that. Denny’s desk is cleared off and ready to go to Alex.

…. and I already need to do more laundry. LOL. Two more loads at least, cleaning rags and regular clothes.

FCKING SQUIRREL came to where I feed the crows and tweety birds. pOp is rolling his eyes, having lived this for decades…. If you put out food, HERE COME THE SQUIRRELS! this one was big, fat and glossily black. Christ, I’m expecting a raccoon and a bear at this rate.

Crows really like pecans. I gave them pecans as a treat and the NOISE THEY MADE it was most entertaining.

I didn’t fetch my Inderal yesterday; I’ve got until 8 pm tonight to get more. I HAS A CHRISTMAS EVE MISSION. Get BP drugs so I don’t blow a hole in mah brain, whoooooeee

The handyman now has pictures of where the railing is loose at the bottom of the stairs at Caspell Junction and he’ll fix it sometime between now and New Years, and then I’ll pay him I guess. I was beating myself up a little for paying for something the landlord should be doing, and somebody else’s landlord at that, but I realized that it’s something that needs doing and if I can make it happen through someone else’s labour, I will. Paul is walking slow (he can keep up with me no problem) and his gait has changed a lot in the last couple of years and I’m just terrified of him falling. I was also thinking about Tom and how he REALLY had a bias for action, for being up and doing, for being productive and ready to help people and it was one of the things I loved about him most (ha ha since I benefited so much over the years) but let me tell you, listening to everyone talk about how he helped them….. that’s how I want to be remembered, as helpful. A little weird, but helpful.


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