The floor

In my room….is visible.

I still need to rehang all my clothes, wash the seventeen billion socks that were liberated from being silverfish food and clear off the desk and chairs but it’s absolutely delightful knowing that I’m not going to trip over my IKEA bag full of laundry on the way to the john at night.

More kudos this morning. Completely ignorable babbling about fanfic follows: I’m almost at 6k words for the BC weather event fanfic; 21K for “Snow under Starlight” in which I try a pandemic fic that is turning into an adult version of the kids’ story ‘and then the doorbell rang’, and I’ve got a 3K fic about being stuck in an airport during a three day blizzard,

and like a fool I’m working on the entirely unwieldy “The Sword That Cries Ruin” again which is well over 200K words and which also, unlike all of my other stories, has a fully articulated subplot for the secondary lead, and brings in an adoptive family of four children, plus there’s the ‘sophisticated villain being charmed by an enemy’s child when she does something that her parents would never have the stomach for, to prove her command over a situation’ trope, plus there’s the ‘child from a tradition proves both more capable and humane than her parents’ trope, plus there’s the talking animals trope (poor FC, a familiar from an alien witch tradition, gets jammed in a teenaged female cat’s body and gets pregnant poor chump and has magical offspring who also talk and can fetch things transdimensionally), plus there’s villainy that literally encompasses the rotation of the galaxy. I published part of it but then I changed my delivery so that I only deliver complete (and the only incomplete one I left up was because people BEGGED me to and it’s also the only SF story) and so now I take sad stabs at it a couple of times a week, because the Sam subplot is literally one of the best things I ever wrote and his love story with my OC is ditto. It’s also porny in spots (there’s a full on B&D scene which is …. perfectly appropriate given the extremely weird relationship the two leads have, but is markedly unlike anything else I’ve ever written and quite fraught), but mostly the porn is handled in a very wholesome and life affirming way and when it’s non-consensual (as one horrific chunk of it is) it’s not written to be something you ‘enjoy’. So yeah, it’s a big broad sprawling extended case fic with a cast of thousands and some really hilarious anti-homophobia writing and absolutely some of the best Crowley dialogue I’ve ever seen in fanfic, and believe me, there’s a lot of it out there.



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