waited and waited

Waited an hour and 45 minutes for the doctor appointment, hung up after that. I have another appointment today, I have to wonder if she’ll make that one. I am supposed to physically go in to the clinic on Monday, presumably to get yelled at about my blood sugar; I don’t actually know what she wants with me, since I’m seeing the nurse instead of the doc.

After three atmospheric rivers in two weeks, it’s a possibility that snow will be happening this weekend. I should move the walkway salt back into the house.

Running the dishwasher right now; lentil soup and tea for breakfast.

As soon as SaveOn’s open Jeff and I are heading out for a shopping expotition, and I’m also planning to drop off the books I took out from NWPL.

I tried reading them, I really did, but I simply don’t have the brain right now. (I read single chapters out of all of them but have no concentration.) I still feel residually sad and angry about Tom; so much about it was unfair and horrible for all concerned, but there’s no point talking about it in this kind of venue.

Paul took me for a short walk in the schoolyard yesterday. I was ready to go for a longer walk but the traffic was insane so we stayed in the neighbourhood.

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