I made borscht

I didn’t put bouillon on the shopping list so it’s not very salty (or busting with the flavourful) but it’s definitely soup, substantial and hopefully digestible. Had it for supper last night, Jeff had some too.

There are now two soups to choose from, since there’s lentil soup in the fridge as well.

Jeff told me to my horror that my crow feeding has attracted pigeons. I put a post it note on the back door to prevent me from putting food out until Monday. I do not want to encourage pigeons unless I’m trapping and eating them too. There is interspecies signalling of food deposition – the flicker called the crows yesterday, it was amazing to watch. Buster, being trapped indoors, spends a lot of time watching birdies, both from the kitchen table and from his cat tower in the corner of the living room.

Today I’m going to slow roast some veg.

I hope to continue along with the dejunking as well; I am staying on top of the clothing situation and have been merrily throwing stuff out that I either never want to move again or don’t want to make my estate clean out. Also, changing strings, getting the posture ball back downstairs into the guest room, maybe even practicing.

Oh, the alarm’s about to go to tell me to take my BP and Metformin meds.

Still haven’t mailed Mary’s letter, how I wish those sons of sea cooks at the Post Office hadn’t removed my closest mail box. The next nearest one is a ten minute walk, outrageous. And inconvenient, I never go along that street on foot!  Fuck them assholes. Grr.

One little kudo this am, most recent story. Still working up situations for the new ones and staring fixedly at the half dozen or so other stories I would like to finish and post.

Watched the first episode of Cuphead; I think mOm and pOp might like it, it’s a total blast from 30’s animation; everything from the character to the sound design and the little blips that faux age the cartoon is pitch perfect. Also, there’s one bit where I was screaming at Jeff to rewind and replay, lovely use of the cartoon form.

Hey mOm, this is the bead rondel that is Jesse’s ‘badge of office’ when he is visiting elderly people in his building. The green background is a tacit acknowledgement that he’s a settler.


Here’s a sketch of Beaky (Pharos) when he was newly born. The eyes and ‘freckles’ aren’t eyes and freckles, they’re pigment patches (since sixers are made of muscle that can see lol and don’t have eyes like mammals do). He appears to have 4-6 legs but one of those forelimbs is a social tentacle. He looks so adorable here and he’s one of the crabbiest sentient creatures that ever lived, and once you know his history, it’s easy to understand why.


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