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Wordle 251 5/6 I LITERALLY didn’t get a correct letter until the third guess, didn’t get another until I guessed the entire word. That one was tough.


A shop in the morning, walked with Paul (at Lougheed – I picked up finishing nails for Suzanne so she can hang pictures over the weekend)  and otherwise ran errands with Paul and fed Paul lunch (more peas chicken and rice THIS TIME WITH GINGER NOM) and looked at one of his boboes and got him to do his blood pressure (worse than mine…. I basically said in a level voice that that was the BP that sent me to the hospital and then he took it again and it was still high but not a crisis), two loads of laundry washed and dried (I get to put them away today lol), finished re-stringing Otto (when the hell WAS GAFilk, seriously, has it been that long and will I ever let it go that long again? the strings were so dead I should have been ashamed to record with them last winter), made some social plans with Suzanne only to learn that things have shifted a little with Katie and she’ll call me when we all get together to swim. Which reminds me the stretch has all perished out of my already super-thin bathing suit. I want to get one like the green and black one I wore when I was swimmin’ in the Dominican Republic, which Tom liked for some obscure reason. So do I want to brave the swimwear store in Metrotown? I can handle Lougheed, but Metrotown is like Tinfoil Central as far as the logie and disturbed of the Lower Mainland is concerned. Okay maybe that other mail further down Kingsway is worse but I never go there.

Keith continues to enjoy his job according to Paul.

This is a lovely although unclear as to the long term outcome story from Argentina.

Protest about the war in front of the VAG on Saturday. Putin’s threatening to use nukes. I’m trying to picture how I’ll be getting myself to write and create if that fucker bombs with poison, and the radiation level’s already up because of the tanks going through Chornobyl and kicking up all the radioactive dust.

Suzanne made things shiny and went home to nap. She’s been so busy with trying to make a living she hasn’t been able to clean her own place since she moved in, and one of her kids plus a girlfriend plus a hound is living there right now so things are lively. (But reasonably peaceful and Suzanne adores dogs and isn’t in a place in her life when she can own one. This poor hound is allergic to grass, can you imagine having to walk on grass in booties cause of allergies. I saw pics; Crooks is as cute as dogs get but beeg.)

One little kudo for an older story this morning.

Off to get my increased meds this morning, think I’ll walk over. The Entidying continues; Suzanne wants to get to the livingroom next since that’s where Master Alex plays and draws.

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