The #IvermectinInsurrection

They’re coming to town tomorrow, and I’m thinking of calling Keith and asking him what he thinks I should do about it.

A few more kudos this morning, always pleasant to wake up to. Still plugging away at a couple of stories.

Katie sent me a link to one of my favourite music videos and that cheered me up.

I sure hope I’m not getting polychondritis … every goddamned morning I wake up and my ears hurt. I mean it seems fairly obvious that I have some kind of weird stammering autoimmunity issues, with my hot joints and constant weird pains and blurpiness and ghastly overwrought pain and exhaustion response to any exercise but walking. Walking doesn’t present a problem 98 percent of the time.  I could also be the world’s most embarrassable hypochondriac. Oh well, off to the doc virtually on the 7th to get my HORDE OF SCRIPS renewed. Hopefully an adjustment, my blood pressure continues to be unacceptable despite the diuretics. Anyway I’m getting it in both ears, worse on the left.

Symptoms of relapsing polychondritis usually begin with the sudden onset of pain, tenderness and swelling of the cartilage of one or both ears. This inflammation may spread to the fleshy portion of the outer ear causing it to narrow. Attacks may last several days to weeks before subsiding.


from another website


Every RP patient is different – they may have some, but not all, of the following symptoms:


  • Ear pain, which may include swelling and redness check

  • Nose pain, which  may include swelling and redness check but nowhere near as bad

  • Throat pain, which may include change in voice, shortness of breath, dry cough nope or not much

  • Red, painful, swollen eyes not really; more likely familial dry eye and issues around blood sugar

  • Rib pain and tenderness fuck yeah all the gd time I’ve been complaining of it since my teens (literally whined about it until I got a free xray at the radiology dept I worked at and of course NADA)

  • Joint pain or swelling and this would be different from daily life how… KNEES, HANDS, ANKLES, TOES, HIPS, BACK, NECK, ELBOWS, BACK TO THE KNEES

  • General malaise, low grade fever yes to the former no to the latter

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