I’d like to thank pOp

For bringing Leo, and then Linda into my life. (And setting me up to be pro Suomi for all my life!!!) Leo and pOp were one-two in terms of marks in their Ryerson class, back at the dawn of time. So to honour that I noticed that Jackie H posted this on facebook (yes, after all my posturing, I went back) and POP MUST SEE IT as part of my thank you.

Jeff and I went for a walk yesterday morning so I didn’t go walking with Paul, but he came over and I cut his hair just like the old days and fed him an early lunch and tea, and then he watched Nürburgring with Jeff for a while.

16788 words.

Blood pressure has been EXCELLENT every time I’ve taken it of late. I am very relieved. Young master Alex loves taking his blood pressure. Which is normal.

Cooked up the last of the young spuds yesterday morning. I do like them roasted with rosemary and a little salt. Trying to find something that Jeff can comfortably eat since his stomach is being crass.

Hullo to my ten daily readers! the numbers have gone down again, but that’s good news – I can quit trying to cater to that brief weird influx of people who actually prefer me on twitter.


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