a day of pizza

Made vegan pizza; home made dough, soy mozzarella, WF brand pizza sauce, capers, roasted mushroom and red and yellow pepper, a solid plank of sliced tomatoes, capers, fresh red pepper. Jeff pronounced it tasty. I should have left it in the oven longer; next time I’m going to bake the veggies, whip it out and add the cheese last.

Ate it with Paul and Jeff after the Foreshore walk.

Took Paul to Fraser Foreshore. Despite my being prepared, the little tweeting birds did not come to me. Paul is as cheerful as ever, but watching him slow down to do up his jacket and then not be able to do it makes me sad for him. I ended up doing it for him and he thanked me. He’s also having trouble with buttons. I once loved that man so unreasonably much and now it’s like watching a snowman melt, as I shore up my love and loyalty on a daily basis. And I feel like a bad person, over and over again.

We watched Sharpe’s Waterloo and the last Hornblower. We are about to exit the Napoleonic Era.

Absolutely no action on the downed tree. New washer is to come on the 9th, I’ll believe it when I see it. Next door neighbour who owns that house wants to know what’s happening. I’ll call Kim again today.

I don’t really have any other news and I’m feeling a little beat up. Peggy’s filk didn’t happen since she had no power at her house after the storm.

Working my way through the instruction book on the guitar.

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