Midterms went better than expected. Ron DeSantis is now expected to be the Republican candidate for 2024’s presidential election. Everyone Trump rallied for lost; he’s obviously not helping the GOP.

Orcs (a humorous slur for Russians) are getting out of Kherson. Current casualty figures as stated by US military spokesmen is about 100K on both sides.

Spent a chunk of yesterday mall-walking with Paul and running errands, including picking up printer ink for Keith so he can at least try to get his passport application updated and sent (since Paul isn’t visiting friends in the US unless the person driving has a passport), grabbing yummy treats to stick in Katie’s face as she was assembling Ryker’s birthday present (a trampoline with a grab bar WHICH HE IMMEDIATELY COMMENCED TO USE APPROPRIATELY) and eating the amazing gluten free chicken soup Katie made and looking at watches (I want a watch). So I got a meal and a bit of family time. Suzanne was there, getting ready with Ryker for the new routine.  I’m sad but what can you do but hold yourself ready for the long campaign?

Spoke to Paul and Keith (separately) about care ideas for Paul. I just can’t believe how emotionally exhausting dealing with all this is; it’s flattening for me. And nothing happens fast. I tell Paul I want a watch and for the next hour he asks me every five minutes if I’m going to buy a watch today. I have to keep cheerfully saying nope. My sheltering tree.

Honestly I think he’s relieved he’s not driving any more.

He always had great nap game but he can now pretty much nap anytime anywhere.

The challah from Cobbs is gone already, lol.


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