To remember is to end all war. I thank my pOp and my unca Dave for serving. Not everyone gets in an airplane during a nuclear crisis and after kissing his baby girl goodbye, prepares for a vile, hot death.

I’m back on twitter. Honestly, I’m back just in time to watch it implode.

Alexis Madrigal: Something I’ve been thinking about Twitter: for those of us who are word people, this was once our place

People took off to Mastodon, another social network, and the previous users attacked and shit upon women of colour. BIG FUCKING SURPRISE

Victor Shi: NEW: data confirms 18-29-year-olds voted for Democrats more than *any other* age group yesterday. Young people literally prevented a Red Wave & saved Democrats. Full stop. If you know a young voter, please thank them. (from the 9th of November 2022)

WT.Social is a heap of dweebs with a user interface like a rainy afternoon in a Welsh mining town.

I was supposed to hang out with Paul yesterday but my gut raunch from the previous day continued. I made cinnamon buns not to make it better but to give me something else to have trouble digesting, I guess. I also made pork stir fry but the onions were weird.

Pawel Kosior painted the above in oils in 2020. Perfectly captures my current mood.

No progress on writing. I do feel much more cognitively with it this morning, we’ll see.

Someone came to take the tree down but it has to be the next door neighbours paying for it and then insurance blah blah I have no idea but the tree is still leaning on the neighbour’s garage. Not exactly sure what the landpeer was up to there, but Jeff seems to think things are headed in the right direction.

The washer? 2 moah day.

I just want to shout out to Jan Maxwell, a friend from Toronto, this morning, because she’s put many smiles on my face over the years and the picture of her and Soon’s grandson on my fridge gives me a smile every time I see it.

I send out love to Dave this morning SO THRILLED about your book and very happy that you’ve survived some ghastly, sad shit over the last half dozen years and remain your relatively good humoured and pragmatic self.

I send out love to Sue Sparlin this morning. I am very very happy she decided to work on being a professional actor and now has a RECURRING PART in a show made here in Vancouver. Big hugs darling.

I send out love to Lois & Bob this morning. I think about the bees and the chickens and that phenomenal steak Bob cooked for me the last time me and Paul were there. I AM CHEWIE I THINK WITH MY TUM. Did you know that Chewbacca’s ‘real’ nickname is CHAINBREAKER!? He spent a lot of time freeing other Wookiees.

I send out love to Onty Mary this morning. I regret that I have not sent you a letter recently, so I’m reaching up to my ancestors and asking them to bless you with a wonderful day of whatever the hell you want to do.

I offer love and thanks to the Best Roommate Evar™ Jeff.

And as always beeg hogs to Ryker and Alex and Keith and Kate.





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