Jarmo and Susanna

Jarmo and Susanna at Anh and Chi on Main street Feb 2023

Quiet day yesterday…. this is from earlier this month. Words cannot express how fond I am of these two. They are my Finn Family West.

Candles up for the victims of the Anatolian fault earthquakes. Five thousand dead in total on both sides of the border.

squinch fa

love the radiating wrinkles! shared this on twitter this morning too and THE EXACT PERSON I wanted to respond to it did, so I’m all happy. He said “Radiating grandma”

I should not get McDonalds breakfast delivered. LOL but I will. Jeff asked for coffee this time as I quite rudely didn’t ask him if he wanted any. Went to put my order in and they’re saying McDonalds is over capacity….. Perhaps another breakfast joint? we shall see.