Pandemic slump

February is not usually my favourite month but I’m coping okay today. A good night of sleep always helps. Wordle in four (SO CLOSE ALMOST got it in three). 17749 words. Two loads of laundry and one of them put away. (I’m always anxious when there’s no clean hand towels.)

Keeping the cat door closed most of the time since there’s someone out there bugging Buster. I’ve stopped feeding the crows because I got scared by an article about avian flu. They’ll be fine. We’ll all be fine.

The front stairs are spalling very badly and every time it freezes there’s more debris out front.

Jeff Guenther LPC says early couples should ask themselves these questions (I have adapted them so they aren’t direct quotes from his facebook video.)

I’m posting them because I want mOm (the only other person who’s read it) to think about how the ‘boys’ in Totally Boned would answer this sort of as a character exercise but also just for curiosity. It amazes me that they’ve already taken care of a lot of this stuff together even without specifically discussing it. There are also assumptions inherent in these questions that say a lot about our culture, I mean…. imagine the questions during the 1920s. Nothing about religion or religiosity. Nothing about gender roles (not really.)

Will you get mad if I start watching a new show without you?

What text emojis for humour or sarcasm do you want me to use so we’re on the same page?

When we order food are we sharing or do you get all your food to yourself?

When it comes to presents what are your expectations for Valentines, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas?

Are certain evenings blocked out for us or are we planning week by week?

Who’s paying for most stuff?

If one of us wants sex and the other doesn’t how do we handle it? 

Should I always take your side without fail or can I remonstrate with you if I think you’re being immoral or self-damaging?



I don’t know if any of you saw the Premier of Alberta attempting to shake Trudeau’s hand but it was pretty gross. A politician should know how to do that.

Off to see Paul today. Time for walkies.