another quiet day

Made marinated tofu with bok choi and carrot over chow mein noodles. The marinade was malt vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, cayenne, garlic powder, veggie bouillon paste and soy sauce. Fried stuff up separately and then assembled it; it was too bland so I dumped in the marinade and after that it was quite tasty. Because Jeff is great he put it away when I forgot to. Forgot the ginger and onions because I’m a fool.

Watched the Super Bowl. If Rihanna wasn’t high as humans get, I’ll eat my shoe – her first live show in 7 years by all accounts. It was actually a pretty good game and Mahomes and Hurts were very entertaining to watch.

I hope you all have a lovely day. I’m going to continue to work away on the new uke, Argella.

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