were you born in an agricultural outbuilding or what

Picture shows a drawing of the traditional white Jesus fallen across a stone and splaying out his hand to ask 'why?' Text: Mom: SHUT THE DOOR, WERE YOU BORN IN A BARN? JESUS: picture as described

it’s like he’s saying WTF MOM I had nothing to do with that. Raywat Deonandan reposted that on twitter. I still go there, but bluesky, the TWITTER KILLER, (actually the smug social media dwarf kicking its immense moribund corpus) is SO MUCH FUN. It’s like early twitter and I am having a complete blast with the freaks, geeks, artistes and trans people. I have had more positive interactions there than on twitter and I only just joined and have hardly any followers.

It’s Raywat that got me writing about Guyana. LOL These foolish things. And the more research I do the more I get wrong. I mean, once I went to Iceland and learned JUST HOW BARREN THE RING ROAD IS I went back and rewrote Iceland scenes with that knowledge.