orycon mebbe

Got an invite to ridealong with Cindy for Orycon. I am so goddamned tempted words don’t cover it. I’ll decide by the end of this month, when the rates go up again. It’s in Portland OR in November, so it would sort of be a 65th bday celebration. We’d be driving, I believe. It’s only five and half hours plus rest stops and the border.

I am very much thrilled to report that Keith has found a place to live that he can afford. It’s in Richmond, but I believe it’s above the flood line; at least it’s in a locale two metres higher than the Richmond average (1 m above sea level). I know bunches of stuff about the landlord/roommate but while I have mentioned him in past posts I will maintain a discreet-ish silence going forward.

Praying with all my atheistic inclusivity that Katie and her kids also find a good space.

I’ve only written 100 words in the last three days, but I’m still feeling forward motion so I’m not worried.

I’ve had breakfast and coffee.

Suzanne was here yesterday, the enshinening happened.

Very low energy day yesterday, but I managed to make myself a decent salad and fried myself up some steak strips.

Fire risk in parts of Metro K’emk’emelay are now ‘extreme’.