Good morning!

Alex was let in by Grunkle Jeff this am, I was so TIRED from getting up at midnight and then NOT being able to fall back asleep so that was embarrassing, kid standing on the stoop wondering where the hell I am.

We played on the Kaossilator and on various musical instruments this morning so I’m not just playing on my computer and sitting next to him all the time I’ll have you know!

Spoke to Keith, he saw Paul yesterday and things are not cool on the phone front but we knew that.

Leo was 80 this week. Congratulations, revered family elder!

1422 words yesterday. Only 150 so far.

Laundry from yesterday is folded and put away.

Saw Suzanne briefly yesterday for tax and computer stuff with Jeff, it was lovely to see her and she recounted cleaning Keith and Ben’s apartment for the first time and that was definitely funny and not repeatable.

I end this with a heartfelt wish for the early amelioration of the conditions of my pOp and Ontie Mary.


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