safely arrived

I had some issues with wifi (reddit is permablocked in this hotel, isn’t that hilarious? and I had to call tech support, although not about that, because I have an elderly Mac laptop) and I still don’t know if my credit card works but I am safely ensconced in the Hotel for Orycon. I have slept hours past my usual getting up time and am now listening to the furtive stirring of my roommates. Cindy and Peggy, because They Are Prepared, brought tons of breakfast stuff and so now all I need to do is get some food in me and then I can skate off to the reg table, which opens in about 25 minutes. That would be ten minutes. I am dressed, finally remembered to take me pills, we are awake, our day of delights has commenced.

Bought edibles across the street. Two ten milligrams at bed time and I was able to shut up (Peggy says *they* kept me up but believe me I gabbled like a lonely chicken) and sleep long about ten pm. Oregon is a reasonably sensible place.

Met a one armed bearded fan named Bandit last night. Within seconds he was telling fabulous con anecdotes and bickering with his partner and I asked him long they’d been married and he said about a year and I was howling because they sounded SO MUCH LIKE BRAD AND OMAR when they were bickering. Anyway Cindy paid fer mah steak. Twas good.

14 seconds of blue sky just now. That’ll be it for the day.

I still haven’t gone to reg. Peggy made me morning tea. Twice.