found the atm

So I stuffed twenty bucks US in the hospitality room tip jar (uphold the right of broke queer kids to get brekky!!), grabbed a Death Wish Blueberry and Vanilla coffee -high test bREW AND TASTY TOO – tipped the maid J. $20 and now I’m off to the dealer room for something to hud my pants up with and to see if tshirts are here yet instead of just really spendy kimonos.

Lest we forget mofos


LATER – I HAVE AN ANTIQUE SILK JAPANESE OBI-TIE HUDDIN UP MY PANTS. I got Alex a chain mail fidget stim, some lovely patches (a skull with the advice BE NICE OR GO AWAY), a CD with Advent instrumental music for Peggy. Peggy is being nice to the other con goers and not sharing her respiratory tickles with them so she’s about to jump on a bus and go explore downtown Portland some more.

May be an image of 3 people

Thank you Ian Bristow for this FABULOUS pic of our two fave Dunnett heroes.

another lovely day along the waterfront

Much more overcast today. Winds were apparently howling in owld Burnaby last night if the weather channel isn’t lying.

Briefly participated in a filk last night and then kind of emotionally imploded (it was a filk memorial) and THEN learned that Frank Hayes is in hospital and since I had just put his concert on my list of things to do I was most upset. I did wish him a speedy and uneventful recovery. It was awesome to hear Dornbeast memorialize Creede Lambard by singing one of his songs, and Cecilia Eng memorialized Zander Nyrond (a long time fannish filk favourite of John’s.) Cindy and I sang Brooke’s Last Page for John and OH GOD I was done already and fled the scene. Peggy and I stayed in the hotel room and Cindy did the singin’ and playin’ the rest of the night. I love con, but it’s emotional and I’m just not used to having to manage all them big feels and the ‘panini’ hasn’t made it easier. (Panini is slang for the pandemic “WORST.SANDWICH.EVER”)

Amazing to have a bath while Peggy’s playing bass along with the blues program on CBC on Friday night, she made the fixtures ring. And of course I felt a lot calmer after washing my hair, although the hot water just …. stopping … was tiresome. I had enough to finish up. The hotel shampoo is quite nice.

This morning I swear I am going to not be a fucking turnip, but the odds are even. I’ve taken my pills AND BRUSHED MY TEETH AND APPLIED DEODORANT don’t all rush to thank me at once and apparently there’s a food truck next to the banquet entrance right this second so many that’s where I’ll get brekky?

Also, apart from the cold, I fucking love this hotel. It’s very accessible. AND THE BANQUETTES TUCKED INTO EVERY CORNER HAVE POWER OUTLETS BUILT INTO THEM so you can sit in a sunny nook, charge your laptop and drink your coffee and keep an eye down the corridor where your friends are.

I didn’t bring all of my laptop charger and Peggy loaned me hers. She had no idea what she was going to do with a laptop she said but she brought it anyway.

Oh, and hospitality’s open too now. I should feed. Where the fuck did I leave my american money? A smile won’t git me breakfast.