So long and thanks for all the small salty fish!

So this is me checking out of writing a daily blog. The blog will be coming down as soon as it is safely backed up, and I can stop paying for it. I will be letting the domain name go because honestly I’m never going to be a famous writer and nobody gives a shit about the stuff I write except a small number of cool people but that aside I’m tired and the original purpose of the blog has expired. I have zero ‘engagement’ with an audience and after twenty years of busting ass with no payoff I’m good with it dying. I wanted control, I got control, but who cares? I know I no longer do. And eventually this household will break up and I won’t have tech support to the standard I’m used to, which is banging on Jeff’s door at 4 am to ask wherefore I cannot log in, while he drops what he’s doing to help! LOL I’ll never get THAT again. Plus bots keep attacking the site and slowing everything down.

I will be sending out a weekly digest of events, thoughts, video and photo links, and new writing/songs every week via email. So far my mOm, my pOp and Leo and Dave and possibly Alex? I dunno … have indicated that they want to see it; email me at allegra      ‘fraught’ sloman atty gmail if you want to subscribe. But the offer’s only good for as long as the blog is up, so that should keep out the punters.

I don’t want to train AI, unpaid, when I have one of the most distinctive writing styles of anyone on the planet, in English, anyway.

I’m TheCorrection on bsky, not that any of you would get accounts, and I’m under my maiden name on facebook, and I’m under my own name on tumblr.

Happy birthday to me! Now I’m going to take my sick ass to the bathroom and have a nice, long hot bath, and relax. It won’t be long now!