For the next week and a bit, internet access will be a trifle spotty, as we are doing renovations.  So if I’m a day late and a dollar short you’ll surely forgive me.

Tom and Peggy fed us BOTH salmon and roast beast last night, as well as fresh asparagus.  Life is good.  We sang and played but rather briefly.

I think I am allowed to be amused by the paint colour we’ve picked as being ‘dusty road’.  Goodbye snot green walls!  Won’t miss ya.

The four singer songwriters

Alex, may she abide in bliss, has procured a ticket for me for a concert tomorrow night with Joe Ely, John Hiatt, Guy Clark and Lyle Lovett.  As far as I can tell it’s like the male singer-songwriter version of an on-stage slumber party.  I am really looking forward to it.

Unca Dave will be helping Paul, and, as it turns out, Janice, work on the renovations.  Janice is in town to drop Casey off after a visit to Seattle.  Casey has recently been published in On Spec.

Brief visit

Paul used the opportunity, when Tom and Peggy dropped by for tea last night, to show them his 100 year old guitar. It’s not worth much because of all the work it’s had done on it… and it needs more, of course… but when in good fighting trim it’s the loudest 12 string I’ve ever heard. Tom much enjoyed the purfling. I only wrote that because it’s true, and because it’s a unique combination of English words.

I am feeling very blue about everything. I will have to work very hard all weekend to help Paul get the house ready for painting, and since I’ve erased this next part of the sentence four times now, I guess I’ll leave it at that.

Straight talk from the reindeer world

A group of European scientists have determined that a male reindeer’s air sac, influencing vocal sound and neck contour, may contribute to his sexual prowess and reproductive success. The results of this research have recently been published in Journal of Anatomy.

As in other species with harem-like mating systems, the voice organs of reindeer differ according to gender. Adult males have a much larger air sac than females and the young.

Scanged from