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Many people in the environmental field — and I’d even generalize to progressives, broadly speaking — seem to be operating on a set of assumptions:

  1. The facts, organized and clearly conveyed, should carry the day.
  2. When facts do not change minds, more facts are required, perhaps delivered more slowly.
  3. When facts do not change hearts, more facts are required, perhaps delivered more loudly.
  4. Those not swayed by facts are intellectually, possibly morally, deficient.
  5. If sticking to the facts means losing a debate, well, that’s the price of virtue.

New Song

She came to grief in a hotel room
Like famous people do
The way the media carried on
You’d think she died for me and you
They say speak gently of the dead
Don’t bandy with her name
But her life was sure instructive
on the vagaries of fame


Slimfast and Methadone
Girl I’m in your debt
I got a great line for a chorus
and the story isn’t over yet.

Leave ’em while you’re looking good
Advice she took to heart
She was born to play the blonde bimbo
and she really nailed the part
She married her attorney but
I don’t think it turned out
The paternity, the autopsy
and the estate are all in doubt


Slimfast and Methadone
was all you had
in your fridge
I still can’t believe it
It’s a perfect rhyme for bri–i-i-i-dge

Humans love their beauty
it’s a curse upon our race
the powerful are using it
to hide what’s really taking place
Zombies stalk the headlines
while all the peace talks stall
If celebrities don’t quit dying
We’ll never fix the world at all.

Chorus x 2.

Thangs that make you go Hmmm

I found out to my amusement that ScaryClown was at the concert last night.  I didn’t see him.  He didn’t see me. 

Also, if I ever start trolling for a third husband, I could do a LOT worse than the line-up for a concert like that.  There were an incredible number of yummy middle aged men there.


And Guy Clark opened with “LA Freeway”…..