Way better…..

Peggy Lee….

I thought I’d cheer myself up by listening to Fever by Peggy Lee, and I thought I’d forward the link.

Although I didn’t sleep for nearly long enough, I got up this morning feeling more rested and less pained than I have in quite a while.  Last night I made an honest effort to apologize and make it up to somebody I’ve wounded. I was told that I have Borderline Personality Disorder, that I have no notion about friendship, that I walk through life like a victim, that every interaction is a competition for me and I have to “win”, and that I have a black belt in cruelty and hypocrisy.

So I guess it’s fair to say she’s not in a forgiving mood.  Me, I’m feeling way better.  I tried to make amends.  I listened to her carefully.  Then I went home and asked Dr. Filk if he thought I was cruel and hypocritical, and he pulled a face.  After admitting that he could think of thousands of unpleasant comments to make about me, he simply didn’t buy cruel and hypocrital. Dr. Filk has lived with me for the best part of a decade.  He’s certainly seen me at my worst and I haven’t noticed him sparing the horses when it comes to offering opinions.
Keith, of course, whose commitment to accuracy is both part of his charm and an ongoing trial, said, “Well you’re no crueler than most and somewhat less hypocritical,” which I thought was pretty cool, actually.  I mean, you don’t expect to come off well if you ask your kids something like that.  Haven’t seen Katie to ask her, but it should be really intense when I do.

In the meantime my back and my leg are feeling much better.  And I’m going to do standup tonight!  Actually I’m going to do a little bit of standup and Miss Manners Has Her Say.  Yes, please! No thanks! Maybe later! (as the chorus goes).

Clink clink another drink

I have a happy memory of Mel Blanc singing with Spike Jones “Clink, clink, no more to drink; I had a cellarful but now it’s gone; drink, drink the glasses clink; like the anvil chorus and my head is splitting; uh, brinking, uh, busting…. oh, brother!” Here’s the link.
On that same tape is Spike Jones, who while wearing a really BAAD tutu, false eyelashes and cowbell earrings, gets levered all over the stage by two strongmen. He looks bemused, and chews gum through it all.

There is a teapot tempest in Pelosiville these days about how that darned Bush keeps saying “Democrat” instead of “Democratic” – like he’s doing it on purpose. How smart does he look to you? It’s a sad accident of his dyslexia, not some hostile rebranding of the party of the people.

Turn about’s fair play. Once the Democrats start calling their worthy opponents “Publican” (or in extreme cases, Pubican) Bush’s speechwriters will be putting those missing letters back in toot sweet.


Glenn and Marilyn were here (geessssshhhh!  how could you tell when allofasudden the blog got more pictorially internesting??) and I fed them a huge pork roast and sauerkraut and steamed carrots and smashed potatoes and homemade gravy and peas and fried mushrooms and green salad and Marilyn brought pie (which I skipped, because I ate like an ogre.)  So I am always happy to see my webmeister who is always trying to get me to make improvements.  Now that I have changed the permissions and can upload stuff from anywhere, I am one cheerful dudette.

More rime

We had fog and low temperature again last night so the world is covered in a thin slick of ice. Careful on the way in to church this morning…

I will be at Myles of Beans on January 30 – Tuesday coming – to do some standup, believe it or else. Festivities commence at 7:30 pm. I am shuffling together my routine right now. Then next weekend I will deliver my homily about garbage at Beacon (link on blogroll). I’ve already fired off the information for the order of service to the service coordinator so at least that’s looked after. I am SUCH a traditionalist about hymns for my services; I guess it’s to compensate for wanting to play Spiritualized at top volume during the collection. I loved that cd and one of Katie’s friends stole it. Along with just about every other album in the house.

We fed Casey last night after she and Paul went for a walk on the Fraser Foreshore. I was supposed to go to Cindy’s housefilk but Tammy called and two hours went by before we came up for air. I call down the blessings of heaven upon my dear friend Tammy; she consistently listens well and gives good advice (not always easy advice, or welcome! might I hastily add). A good friend is not always an easy one…

Then we went to St. Paul’s Church to see the Vancouver Lesbian and Gay Choir perform their “Heat” concert, which was quite wonderful. They are a non-auditioned choir (can’t get much more inclusive than that) and frankly, they don’t care if you’re straight, either. If I thought I could stand commuting to the practice hall I’d think about non-auditioning; the material was broad enough (show tunes to pop music to madrigals) to be really fun, and it was great to hear “Steam Heat” and a non-hetero version of that old chestnut from Grease, “Summer Nights:. May I particularly commend the accompanist, Dan Lauterbach, who entirely rocks.

I wish I’d thought to bring a cushion. I was in agony for the last half of the concert; it was a relief to have to walk about six blocks back to the car. Also, I’m in prodrome for a migraine; light sensitivity, ptosis and nominal aphasia are the three main symptoms, along with the generalized feeling of dread which always turns out to be chemical as opposed to pointing at a real problem.

I’d better get back to work.


East Burnaby is very subject to fog; if you look at it, it makes sense.  You can’t see the Fraser in this map but it’s due south, about 2 klicks and about a 140 metre drop down the hill.  The hills in New Westminster are pretty dramatic.

The contours hold the fog as it creeps up from the Fraser.  You couldn’t see across the alleyway at 7 this morning; now it’s twenty after 8 and the fog has crept down the hill; it’s a dayfull of glorious sunshine (and everything covered in rime.)

I read to Paul and the kids last night from my pOp’s letters to his parents; it was hilarious how my father didn’t think I beat my children enough.  However his descriptions of the children’s psychomotor development left me whooping with hysterics and Katie’s comment was, “See, See!!!! I was put on earth to destroy things.”  Ah, me own widdle nihilist.
Watched the latest rev of Pride and Prejudice last night.  It was pleasant – having recently re-read it – to be able to tell the folks which of the amazing lines of dialogue were straight from the book and which weren’t.