Don’t make predictions

Michael Ruppert has issued a warning that the balloon is about to go up on the American economy. He says the rush to unload American dollars will happen so fast that the pundits will be left gasping like codfish. Nothing would surprise me at this point. He said something I didn’t know, though. On September 9th this past year the US Govt held it’s normal Tbill auction… and nobody showed up to buy. The US is currently importing about 2.6 billion a day just to keep its economy afloat. Given that American consumers are at the highest level of personal indebtedness in history and the credit card companies have already started jacking the rates, what will happen when the interest rates go up? The consumers will get pinned on housing and debt servicing charges, and bankruptcy will ripple through the economy like a tidal wave viewed from space. It’s time to get closer to your food supply, folks.


2019 says: Michael Ruppert’s dead. None of this shit came to pass.