not exactly x rated in the city

Off to Sin City last night; I was the only person in the joint wearing faux snakeskin so I felt quite pleased with myself. Got myself some proper boots to complete the outfit as really, flat shoes do *not* work in that environment. Had a bit of a time getting Paul in; unless he’s stark naked he looks pretty square, but I picked him up a rather extreme T-shirt at Fetwear. I think I’m going to buy him a black Utilikilt, they completely rock and there was at least one other guy wearing one; with the black tshirt I got him it would be a fetching get up indeed. I’m crazy for kilts. Paul says he’s going as an aviator the next time. (Hmph, he said there was going to be a next time.) A couple of tuxes, one with a full face mask; a latex Sailor Moon outfit, a lot of nice looking half naked women. I really enjoyed myself and what I enjoyed best was NO attitude.

Very young crowd, very hiply turned out. There’s a dungeon in the basement and stuff was happening, but I guess I just don’t have much in the way of being a voyeur… after about 5 minutes I got a big case of “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” and went back upstairs. Very much liked the bar and the layout; we parked ourselves by the washrooms (which appeared to be somewhat unisex… go figure!) and so got to watch everybody on the top floor go by at least once and of course some more often than that. Did a little dancing, but had to bail after one very long tune because my feet were annoyed with me. If it wasn’t for the expense (it’s only 10 bucks to get in but assembling an outfit, especially like some of these folks, is a major expenditure) and the fact that not everybody gets off on loud Techno I’d recommend it to anyone. I think my favourite piece of clothing was a white bunny fur bolero that would not have covered the chest of a two year child. I think there’s a word skimpier than skimpy, but I can’t think of it right now…. A) it glowed under the blacklight B) the woman wearing it was a size zero but some people look really cool at that size and she was one one them and C) she looked happy!!! and so did her bf who was wearing an all white women’s stretch women’s outfit and a total glam rock makeup job. I loved them; they really looked cool and totally themselves. I think the individuation of everybody is what is so nice. Paul was particularly knocked out by a women in trad 16th century Japanese style makeup. Stunning woman, gorgeous costume, and drop dead makeup. People who affect the bored hipster look ick me out – she gave Paul a radiant smile when he complimented her on her get up.

Didn’t get home til 2. Bad girl.

Katie stayed at Janna’s last night – talked to her briefly this am. She’s close to Mike’s place, isn’t that convenient? Off to Mike’s to move the hot tub at 2pm. Looks like it will stay clear, thanks to a special mercy of Providence. Then off to eat something wonderful and Glen and Marilyn’s. And get kitten therapy, I hope. Kitten therapy is good too. I should do something about dessert, I am supposed to bring dessert. Mmmmm dessert.