off to mexico

American parents who don’t enjoy their children’s teen years have the option of sending them to Mexican fundamentalist boarding schools. There, concepts such as civil rights bow down cringing before the notion of parental authority. The problem with parental authority, she said sighing, is that the people who aren’t scared to exercise it don’t usually know what the hell they are doing.

I am glad I stayed peaceful during Katie’s last outburst. A soft answer turneth away wrath.

So instead of wondering where she was last night we all watched the first half of Dralion, the 2000 Cirque de Soleil production.

Victor Kee, the juggler, obviously learned a lot from Michael Moschen. Amazing work. Music not so great, although Stella Errans has some fabulous countertenor.

A very bizarre coincidence occurred to me this week. Unfortunately, I can’t share it with anybody, because it would involve betraying a confidence. Take my word for it, it’s very po mo and quite funny.

rumsfeld and hussein

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. This was when the US was supporting terror in the middle East. I mean, when Saddam was considered better than the alternative. When I said that Rumsfeld was shameless, I meant it. Mind you, I used to be a libertarian. And I used to read romance novels. I guess all things considered I have just as much to be ashamed of as anybody else.

2019 sez given that you’ve been writing destiel fic since 2017 you can just shut up now.