katie’s first fight with d but not her last

Went for a brisk walk down to Dinosaur Rock with Keith and Paul.

After we got back Katie called and I went to fetch her from the station, and she told me about all the things that she and her non bf (with whom she’s been hanging for a day) have been up to. They had their first fight.

ah, young love.

pic is something random. (I believe taken from the pier at Iona Beach at dusk in the autumn)

a bunch of broken links

Where the scientists post their news.

One of my rave fave sites, filled with wonder and bizarreness, and occasionally, even, good news.

Mt. St Helens Cam

Not much there at the moment, but one of my favourite things to do of an evening is visit the site and see how big the hot spot is. It seems to get bigger every day.

Here’s a link to la Wonkette

She is completely disgusting – but you have to admire somebody who posts links to their most fervent detractors. I wouldn’t have known about Michelle Malkin if I didn’t read Wonkette. Ana Marie is my heroine, although not my role model, as I am several years from commercializing my site, and I’ll be doing it rather differently than she did. If you’re feeling *really* gossipy and raunchy check out the sib sites Gawker and Defamer. What would we do without Molly Ivins?

My all time fave political columnist, and she writes hella books, too.

My mom’s an Ophiuchius!!! That explains it.

Please, don’t knowbody tell me that astrology is bogus, I already know. However, there is a growing mountain of data to suggest that your birth month actually does have a statistical correlation to the likelihood of getting certain ailments, so it’s not like the astrologers are totally wrong, it’s just they are attributing what they see to the wrong cause. They are looking up at the stars, but the answer is in our jeans.

Mad Cow News

I notice the major US media are staying away from this one. I know somebody who’s married to a meat inspector, and she says that the reason we found Mad Cow in Canada is because we were looking for it. Don’t eat cow. I take some comfort in knowing that there is actually a sizable chunk of the gene pool that is resistant to prions. After all, prions have been around for a while, as have been cows and their ancestors – we had to have bred our way around that one at least among the cattle eating people.


Once again, a sign that I have neither taste nor shame.

From the WildernessThe premier conspiracy site of the internet, in my opinion. Mike Ruppert is my kind of nutbar, and Gary Webb’s suicide has turned the heat up at the site a notch. Gary Webb was a Pulitzer prize winning journalist who lost everything as a consequence of trying to pin drug activities on the CIA. Now, the CIA ADMITTED what they had done, but the mainstream media in the US refused to report it (I recollect it was reported in Canada, but we live in a different reality groove up here.) Anyway, lost house lost kids lost job and shot himself. His funeral was December 18th. If you can read the transcript of his Oregon speech (turns up on a number of links) I highly recommend it, and as a memorial it’s wonderful. Further to that:

Narco News.

Who needs conspiracies?

Really nice peace and prayer flags

Check here every Thursday, if you have a sound card