Pangolins are frequently used as models for aliens. Maybe you don’t think he’s cute, but I do.

We are now double tracking Buffy and B5; it’s rather eerie how Katie’s bust up with the non-louse non-boyfriend mirrors Buffy’s relationship with Angel.

The Blue Man show, which (I did not know this) is bankrolled by Clear Channel refuses to work with unions. This is causing fooferaw in Toronto, which ALSO had some union bs last night when the ramp rats (oh, exCUSE ME) the ground crew wildcatted. Toronto, doncha know, is where an enterprising (cept of course it WAS misuse of company property, public mischief and a damned funny event) employee cleaned the new and universally loathed time clock off the wall within hours of installation by creative use of forklift tines. So ANYWAY to get to the point, there has been labour unrest for a while in TO at AC and this particular wildcat was triggered by disciplinary action regarding clocking out early at the end of a shift. I’m not going to go into how I feel about all this except I think the people who wildcatted could have done something that didn’t involve stranding people in Winnipeg airport, tabernac. Anybody who wants more details can collar Paul the next time they see him; he’s having his moles in Toronto do a little digging.

Frank magazine is dead. I am heartbroken, but less than I would have been had they not had the good taste to go mammaries north at the end of my paid subscription.

I have to get off the computer now; Keith is yelling at me that he has to finish his meditation essay.


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