kata plus cleaning plus dinner guests

I’ll keep this short as I am working on a migraine and the screen is yelling at me to go away. Yet more Buffy; we watched “Crush” and the five of us (John had just got back from “Night and Gay” with the VLGC) delighted in the dialogue, which is pretty funny. James Marsters is not much of an actor, but that doesn’t prevent you from staring at him.

Paul and Keith and I vacuumed and carpet cleaned yesterday because the living room carpet was disGUSTing. Then the boys rearranged the furniture. As we have now given up on the notion that we are pretending we don’t watch TV (and we still don’t have cable) the chairs in the room now look at the TV, which is sitting in the fireplace (which doesn’t work because we’d have to spend an awful lot of money to get it to code). I like the image of a tv sitting in a fireplace. Suits me, somehow.

One of the benefits of the furniture rearrangement is that the living room now has enough space for Keith to do kata in, which he is doing; Kira just skulked off in disgust as he is bounding about punching the air and Kira is not at all convinced this is safe.

Off to Kinko’s or somesuch today to photocopy the Glorious Nosebleed.

Paul’s off to work.

I should find some other domestic project to do before I take off; the living room is making me feel all cheerful.

Rob and LJ over for supper last night. Everybody is in really good shape and we had a fine time.

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