A friend of Elly’s and his wife went to Thailand a few months ago and they haven’t been heard from since Christmas.

I was really sad to hear about that because her description of him made him sound really cool, and she saw him just before they left. We must love one another or die.

Have to mention that the last time I went to Mike’s, Tori pulled out a work of art that she had to do for school. Normally I don’t think of school work as art, but this was one of the strangest and most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and I found myself asking the question of the Ultimate Philistine – how much money would it take to part you from this, because it is without a doubt one of the most lovely things I’ve ever seen. It’s done in the style of Edward Gorey, on transparent paper, mostly in black ink but with occasional splashes of colour. Mom, if you saw it, you’d be asking the same question. It’s just amazing. Because the paper is transparent, you can see through about 4 layers of art, and each page is designed in such a fashion that it tells a story, with foreshadowing. People who can think visually just thrill me, because normally I only think in words.

I work on my spatial from time to time and I’ve gotten much better at estimating what will fit where (useful in cooking and containerizing groceries) but I watch Paul pack a truck and just want to curl up into a fetal ball.

Writing class was cancelled last night. I wrote a passionate two page essay on why my heart has a rock tied to it, and then of course couldn’t read it to anybody. On the upside, I heard the new King Cobb Steelie album see pic and MUST HAVE IT; it would be the ultimate background music for my style of writing. One of the guys from Oysterhead has a new album out and it’s pretty good too, although I don’t think I’ll buy it. And I dickered with a bartender for a price reduction on my beer and he gave it to me. Weather going downtown on the bus just sucked, we were twenty minutes getting down Burnaby Mountain.

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