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Came home last night and went straight to sleep, feeling rather out of sorts. Got up to let Paul feed me a small collation and then see him out the door. Felt disinclined to move, so ended up watching a couple of episodes of B5 (Carol sez, what’s B5? Babylon 5, a sci fi episodic drama from some years back); it gave me the shivers, watching ‘earth security’ being used as a tool to crack down and arrest ‘enemies’ not of earth but various factions. Looked intensely like what’s going on right now, in fact despite the incredibly cheesy cgi (C’est FROMIDABLE) it’s eerily prescient in many ways.

Staggered off to bed and got up at 6 and did dishes.

My phone arrived. Katie wants to steal it, and I told her she could use it if she smartened up about some health related things. I am now the most evil heartless bitch on the planet, but soubriquets like that only count if dished out by people who aren’t family members, so all I did was howl with laughter. I almost posted my new phone number; anyway, let me know if you want it via email and I’ll send it along.

Read some more in the Skeptical Feminist. I can really see why her analysis provoked howls of outrage in the movement; however I can now proudly wear the colours of an egalitarian feminist and have put radical feminism aside as being impractical, at least until all those lesbians take the right to bear arms seriously. Once those gals get going the right will take flight. See you at the gun club, chaps! A civil society is an armed society and vicey voicey. I am going straight to hell but I am reliably informed that a LOT of my friends are going with me.

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