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WRENCHINGLY STOP THE GEAR TEETH OF THE PRESSES! SYNTAX MURDER AND WHINING CEASE!!! Okay, I’m calmer now. I will be posting some pictures….Maria, a friend of Katie’s, whom she saw earlier today, “And she looked as pretty as I’ve ever seen her and she must have spent an hour on her hair,” is lying in an intensive care unit somewhere in the lower mainland subsequent to being struck by a car. Skull caved in somewhat – she’s in a coma; no further details.

My mother just told me a family story (more than 50 years old) that is so intense and scary, and with no end in sight, that my heart just about stopped a couple of times. A lot of children die in this story, so it’s a weird thing to hear about on Valentine’s Day.

Forgot to call Tam, may my ears droop, but happy Valentine’s Day anyway sweetie.

“Where’d *that* come from” said Paul when he got home this evening and found the remains of the tarts, a picture of which may or may not be appended depending on whether I can actually hit the right button.

There was a big bottle of ether around too because the Beemer is going back together soonish and Kate whipped around from the computer and said ether? Like in the movie? (which made sense to me because *I* knew that she’d just seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which she really enjoyed) and I said yes.

John read Aftermath, which is by Lois McMaster Bujold. Katie liked that.

And we went to Chong Lum Hin for yummy dinner, including my lunch for tomorrow (tofu and minced pork in hot sauce, man it was good!)

I attempted to register the kids for a “how to get a summer job” course which includes Food Safe (the local “Please don’t give the effing tourists salmonella you effing boneheads” course). We shall see whether they took my money…. The kids are giving up their March break for this, it’d better be worth it. It means they’ll have to be in the right place at Cap College for 10 in the frikkin’ mornin’ too. I ain’t hauling that shift, they got bus passes.

Anywess, the tarts, the Hallucinogenia brand tarts; Brooke poked her head in at John’s workplace with 12 of these eyepopping little menaces; I say it three times, she’s a goddess among women, although her banjo debilitation deeply troubles me by times. John said I cannot possibly consume these, I must have your assistance. I womanfully bellyflopped into the breach and I promise I ate it reasonably slowly.

I hope Maria recovers fully but this is now the second kid in a matter of months that Katie saw and then was killed or injured by a car hours later so she’s understandably a little freaked.

Funny (to me) email exchange with Daxus (yes, that’s the boyfriend’s name) this am; Katie had told him I bought him a shirt and he Tsked me, the little sod. So I said, “I TOLD Katie to keep her yap shut, or you’d think I was a cougar. Oh well.” If I didn’t know she’d massage my skull with a chair leg I’d post the poem and letter she wrote for him. In the annals of big big love it’s definitely a keeper.

At last count 14 people have thanked me for Valentine’s Day cards. And the lawyer gave me a home made chocolate muffin with a glacier of white icing and a heart of red sprinkles on top. Man, you get these people going and they are COMPETITIVE. Next year the plan is to buy ALL the best grade school valentines (some of them are actually quite cool) and give one to every person in the company (including the overseas folks), but personalize the ones for individuals.

I’d better post this or my mom will be cheesed that I didn’t hit send before she went to bed because she’s expecting this.

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